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Municipal World Journal is North America's preeminent publication on property tax and assessment, targeted to appraisers and property tax professionals from expert to student – in local government, provincial and territorial agencies such as assessment and appeal boards, legal firms, private tax and appraisal firms, politicians, and educational facilities. For just $280 a year, you receive 20 digital issues of Municipal World Journal delivered directly and securely to your email. Plus, you’ll receive access to the exclusive online archive of back issues – available only to Municipal World Journal subscribers.

Regular Feature Columns
  • Coast to Coast to Coast: news briefs from Canada & the United States
  • That's an Idea!: ideas,policies and practices to adapt to save and increase tax revenue 
  • Legal Briefs: summaries of interesting cases 
  • Disaster Mode: increasing ramifications on valuation & tax revenue 
  • Resources: books,articles,reports 
  • Payments in Lieu of Taxes: PILTs 
  • Foreign Affairs: world jurisdictions adopting or modifying systems 
  • LUQs: Largely Unasked Questions you might want to ask 
  • Transitions: appointments, job openings, company news 
  • Calendar: professional development
  • Book Reviews: snappy at 500 words, by (you and) your colleagues
  • Credo: essayed opinions by (you and) your colleagues: submit to editor (at) municipaltaxation.com
  • Factoid: compelling facts & figures 
  • Work Word: new words and novel definitions 
  • Quotable Quotes: quotes worth noting & repeating
  • ... and the ever-popular Quirky but true...: amusing anecdotes in the world of tax and valuation (we can't make this stuff up).
Talking Points!

Besides ideas from other jurisdictions you can adopt and adapt, Municipal World Journal includes trends – and warnings – that are affecting and will affect the industry in different measures. And, contrary to the public  impression, we know readers are human beings – we seek out the quirky and amusing, because the truth also makes for good icebreakers at meetings ...

Municipal World Journal provides a one-stop round up of pertinent industry news and updates, delivered 20 times a year, and provides a secure website login for subscribers – with full access to a searchable archive for research and reference.
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Municipal World Journal is an essential tool for staying "plugged in" to news, views, and commentary in this rapidly evolving field!

Municipal World Journal is published by Municipal World Inc., a Canadian-owned publishing company that has served Canada's municipal sector continuously since 1891. Learn more about Municipal World at www.municipalworld.com

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“In my view you have a pretty decent product, our CEO noted that he considers Municipal World Journal a very informative and worthwhile publication covering property assessment and tax issues from across the continent, and he looks forward to reading Municipal World Journal whenever new editions arrive.” Steve Suchan Managing Director, Technical Standards & Policy Decision, Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency.

“As a former assessor and in my current role as director of property tax. I am always keen to stay abreast of the changes in assessment/taxation policy, property assessment practices, assessment appeal decisions, and updates regardless of where in the world it has occurred. I find this type of information very beneficial. Municipal World Journal provides an excellent high level overview of current and historical municipal assessment and taxation issues and I highly recommend this valued online publication to assessment and property tax professionals.” Ken Marsh, Director, Property Taxation, TransCanada Pipelines Ltd.

“In my current role as senior manager of property tax, it is critical that myself and our team stay informed of all developments in the assessment of real estate, both existing and contemplated taxation policy and appeal decisions. Municipal World Journal has provided a comprehensive overview of relevant assessment and taxation issues, both current and historical, within Canada and issues of topical interest from an international perspective. As a long term subscriber, we highly recommend this publication.” Chris Walat, Senior Manager, Property Tax, Cadillac Fairview Corporation Ltd.

Municipal World Journal Advisory Panel

Chair, Susan de Avellar Schiller, MCIP, RPP 
Ontario Municipal Board

Robert Butterworth
Vice Chair, Ontario Assessment Review Board

Connie Fair
President & CEO, Land Title and Survey Authority of British Columbia

Jody E. Johnson, LLB, MPA, AMCT
Senior Legal Counsel, Halton Region

Giselle Kakamousias, MRICS, AACI
Vice President Property Tax, Turner Drake & Partners Ltd.

Carla Nell, MA, AIMA, PLE, CEI
Vice President, Municipal & Stakeholder Relations, Municipal Property Assessment Corporation

Enid Slack 
Director, Institute on Municipal Finance and Governance, Adjuct Professor Munk School of Global Affairs University of Toronto

Recognized with IAAO's 2014 John A. Zangerle Award for outstanding publication.
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